"Connecting the Fastener World"
Connecting the fastener world

You Have to Buy it Right, to Sell it Right.

We want to "Connect the Fastener World" by providing you with detailed supplier information for just about any fastener that you can think of! We have developed an extensive product listing of over 112 different fastener categories and over 13,800 individual fastener types, all connected to the various suppliers around the world, that carry those fasteners. You can become a part of this effort simply by registering your company on one of our three portal market sites (below). Once your registration is complete, you will have your own Supplier Profile that you can maintain. You can list as many fastener products in as many categories as you'd like. When a potential customer searches for a fastener that you carry, your profile will be listed as a resource for them to use in making their purchase decision. You can also advertise on one or all of the portal sites with a banner ad.

Companies that register and exhibit at the International Fastener Expo will be highlighted so that exhibit attendees can readily identify them.

The sourcing sites will continue to grow over time and as always, your feedback is appreciated. Go to a sourcing site of your choice and get registered today! Make your purchasing function easier and grow your sales exposure and profits with new prospects and additional business.

The Most Comprehensive Fastener Informational Websites in the World

US is a very unique fastener sourcing website with the most comprehensive fastener product listing of any "Source of Supply" in the United States! Included is the largest collection of tradenames as a second method to help find that right supplier! Additional handy information for purchasing fasteners includes a glossary and abbreviations. Over 112 major product categories and over 13,800 individual product listings to help you find that "special" fastener. Fastener Manufacturer, Master Distributor or Fastener Importer, this is the website to promote your company and to increase your sales and profits.

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EurAsia represents the fastener manufacturers in the geographical area of Europe, the Middle East over to and including India. This site is all part of "Connecting the World" with and the diverse fasteners these manufacturers offer to the market place.

The site works just like the others, with quick and easy access to fastener product listings and tradenames. As a registered supplier, start today to attract business from not only your region of the world, but from the United States and Asia.

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Asian represents the largest number of fastener manufacturers by a region of the world.

Find suppliers for some of your commodity fastener requirements and those "special" production fasteners you need.

Then visit with them at the International Fastener Expo “Source Global” booth to build on your relationship and to enjoy your success with new customers in the coming months.

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